Materassificio Montalese, mattress factory in Italy


Materassificio Montalese products are made to the highest standards of safety, ergonomics and environmental protection.
Conformity and quality certificates include the Oeko Tex Standard 100, certification ensuring that products do not contain or release harmful substances for human health, the LGA Pruf Zertifikat, special 1IM fireproofing certification of the Ministry of the Interior, BS (British Standard) 100 (UK) and 16 CFR 1632: 1991, 16 CFR 1633: 2006 (USA) certificates and CATAS which, based on Italian, European and international technical 11 regulations, drafts test reports on the safety, resistance, fire reactions and quality of all products. The firm possesses the Woolmark licence and Class 1 “MEDICAL DEVICE” certificates pursuant to directive 93/42/EC, and D.M. 332 of 27 August 1999. Some of its mattresses are made using ecological materials.

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