Materassificio Montalese, mattress factory in Italy


Materassificio Montalese’s research & development department works constantly to study and create new methods and materials, with the aim not only of transferring the best of technological advances to its mattresses, but also exploiting all of the benefits of BIO products through the use of essential oils obtained from vegetable seeds and soya-based materials, to ensure a good night’s 09 sleep in full harmony with nature.
To cater to the needs of each customer, Materassificio Montalese uses an innovative technology called Ergo Check, a special system to test the comfort of products which, by analysing the pressure exerted by different parts of the body (using 648 sensors) on different areas of the mattress, makes it possible to optimise the mattress’s load-bearing capacity, based on the Client’s needs. In addition to technological development, Materassificio Montalese’s laboratories also perform conformity and durability tests on mattresses to provide Customers with the guarantee of an end product free of defects and able to stand the test of time, preserving its comfort and ergonomic qualities.

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